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Dog Walking for just 10 minutes.

Dog Walking for just 10 minutes.

I read in a recent survey only 50% of people walk their dog everyday. Not everyone has a lot of time to exercise everyday. We have dogs, kids, work...
Crate Training your dog!

Crate Training your dog!

This post contains affiliate links, but in NO WAY costs you any more money. Please read my disclaimer for more info. It's just how I afford to keep...
Dog Barking Help!~

Dog Barking Help!~

All dogs bark as a form of communication to each other and to us. Dogs bark for many reasons and there are also multiple reasons that can lead to y...

Does your dog get enough exercise?

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"My Cavaliers just want to run and run." 

Kay Ames Obedience School

"I show and train Shiba Inu's – our champion male has never looked so good as this year." He has free access to the GoPet treadwheel and has improved gait and has excellent muscle tone. I am most impressed by his relaxed manor."

Trish @ Sheer Heaven Pet Resort

“The FitPAWS equipment is fabulous for developing top line and improving posture in the show ring. I have helped several dogs achieve titles and points by using the entire line of balance equipment to improve form. The dogs love working on the equipment and the dogs’ parents love the results. Thanks FitPAWS for making quality equipment that makes a difference!” Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT),  and FitPAWS Master Trainer instructor.

Sonnet Jarvis, Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT),  and FitPAWS Master Trainer instructor. AZ Canine Rehab

“I utilize FitPAWS equipment on a daily basis to improve the balance, stamina, strength, mental focus and flexibility of dogs of all walks of life. As a rehabilitation professional, I work with dogs that are geriatric, recovering from surgery and that are canine athletes. The variety that is available in the FitPAWS equipment, allows me to customize programs to the individual needs of the client. I am very pleased with FitPAWS and I will continue to utilize and recommend it to my clients.”

Lisa Blanchard, BA, LVT, CMT, CCRP, FP-MTI The Canine Workshop