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Why a dog treadmill?

Why a dog treadmill?

Do you have a dog with a lot of energy? or maybe your dog just doesn't get enough exercise, for whatever reason...then a Dog Treadmill is a excell...
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Dog Gyms gaining popularity! Humans are realizing how important dog exercise is.

Dog Gyms are a newer popular niche, rising up as humans realize how important mental and physical stimulation is for their dogs. Unlike taking your...
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What is the difference between a Dog Wobble board and a Giant Rocker Board?

The wobble boards for dogs are round and swivels 360 degrees.  It is a core strengthening tool and an agility and fitness tool used to teach balanc...

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"I show and train Shiba Inu's – our champion male has never looked so good as this year." He has free access to the GoPet treadwheel and has improved gait and has excellent muscle tone. I am most impressed by his relaxed manor."

Trish @ Sheer Heaven Pet Resort