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Senior Dog Exercise and Rehab

It is hard watching your dog get old... but we can help keep them stronger and live longer with low-impact equipment.

Senior dogs often lose muscle mass in their hind ends. You can help keep them in shape by incorporating regular workouts on the low-impact FitPAWS equipment. What you want to do is focus on exercises to increase musculature in the hind end with “dog squats” and repetitions of sit-to-stand on top of a FitPAWS® Peanut or by using the Peanut as an assisted-stand prop while you help with the squat motion.

Dog push-ups are also a great exercise to increase shoulder strength. Try using a Balance Pad underneath your senior dogs back feet with their front feet positioned on the ground. This shifts the weight to their shoulders while challenging their center of gravity. Strengthen the musculature surrounding your Senior Dog’s joints to keep their joints healthy and nourished.

As dogs age, they tend to lose their musculature and balance so it’s good to incorporate FitPAWS Training a few times a week to maintain a happy and healthy senior pet.

Below is a video featuring more ideas for senior dogs.  

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 Good luck and you dog thanks you for keeping them healthy and fit!! 

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