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Conformation and Dog Show training equipment

Conformation and Dog Show training equipment
The official term for dog show is conformation.  Here is a video from the AKC explaining how a dog show works!   So you can imagine that these bea...

Dog Gyms gaining popularity! Humans are realizing how important dog exercise is.

Dog gym, dog exercise equipment
Dog Gyms are a newer popular niche, rising up as humans realize how important mental and physical stimulation is for their dogs. Unlike taking your...

What is the difference between a Dog Wobble board and a Giant Rocker Board?

Dog exercise products, dog exercise equipment
The wobble boards for dogs are round and swivels 360 degrees.  It is a core strengthening tool and an agility and fitness tool used to teach balanc...

What is a FitPaws Peanut?

What is a FitPaws Peanut?
 See Dog Blog with more information about the FitPAWS Peanut HERE!  

Dog Walking for just 10 minutes.

Dog Walking for just 10 minutes.
I read in a recent survey only 50% of people walk their dog everyday. Not everyone has a lot of time to exercise everyday. We have dogs, kids, work...

Crate Training your dog!

Dog crate training chart, dog exercise
This post contains affiliate links, but in NO WAY costs you any more money. Please read my disclaimer for more info. It's just how I afford to keep...

Dog Barking Help!~

Stop dog barking, dog exercise
All dogs bark as a form of communication to each other and to us. Dogs bark for many reasons and there are also multiple reasons that can lead to y...

Dog Agility Training

Dog agility equipment, dog teeter totter
Dog Agility Training can begin at any age; however, care must be taken when training dogs under a year old so their developing joints aren't harmed...

Working Dogs and Training

Working Dogs and Training
Most of us think of our dogs as our best friends, but there are dogs who do serious work that truly helps others. Working dogs have real jobs that...