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What is the difference between a Dog Wobble board and a Giant Rocker Board?

The wobble boards for dogs are round and swivels 360 degrees. 

It is a core strengthening tool and an agility and fitness tool used to teach balance, and coordination.  Exercises are only limited to your imagination.

An active body + an active mind = a happy dog!

See NEW Video on the FitPAWS Wobble Board:


The Giant Rocker Board on the other hand is square!  

They are ideal for dogs new to balance training, senior dogs or puppies.  It is a great place to start for dogs not fully confident in their balance because it only goes back and forth and not sideways 360 degrees like the wobble board.

You can add other FitPAWS products for more cross-training. 

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See training video with Rocker Board here:

Grey Circular product holder in video.



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