Keep your dog fit while bonding with them!

Why a dog treadmill?

Do you have a dog with a lot of energy? or maybe your dog just doesn't get enough exercise, for whatever reason...then a Dog Treadmill is a excellent option!

There are many behavior issues that can be solved by just giving your dog enough exercise!  It can help with anxiety, destructive behavior, digging, and more!  Here is our blog on how much exercise your dog needs a day on our sister site dog blog!   

Dog exercise equipment in general is becoming more popular as humans realize how important it is! 

Dogs, depending on breed need at least between 30 minutes and 2 hours of exercise a day.  

Why not just use a human Treadmill?

Human treadmills are built for upright control and have no side panels. Human treadmills are also shorter in length and not as wide.

The Dog Treadmill is great to have during winter and hot summer months, or when it's raining!  When walking isn't enough for some dogs, when we just don't feel like running or maybe we don't run at all!?

If you have a sporting dog or working dog this is also a great option to make sure they aren't just "weekend warriors".  They need to stay in shape during the week or in their off season!

Here is a video of a German Shepard loving his dog treadmill! 

We also have Dog exercise wheels that are self powered and so no need to plug them in!  Dogs can use them when you aren't home!  It's almost like a hamster wheel! 

Here is a link the the GoPet Treadwheel offered in sizes fit for different dog breeds, just like the dog treadmill. 

Reach out to us with questions and get your GoPet Treadmill with free shipping HERE! 


Dog Bless~

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