Keep your dog fit while bonding with them!

FitPAWS Collection

FitPAWS Dog fitness!  Create your dog gym to keep your dog stimulated both physically and mentally!

Dogs are part of our family, so we want to make sure they stay healthy and fit. FitPAWS Dog exercise equipment is a fun and simple way to exercise your dog indoors! Most dogs will tire in 5-10 minutes, 3-4 times a week.

It’s a great opportunity for positive reinforcement while also strengthening the bond between you and your dog!  FitPaws equipment gives them a complete overall body workout. Your dog will love you for it.

FitPAWS Dog exercise equipment many benefits:

  • Increased trunk and core strength
  • Strengthening the bond with your dog through interactive positive training
  • Stabilization of weak areas
  • Improved balance and awareness 
  • Improved reaction and control
  • Increased range of motion in joints and elongation of the muscle
  • Pairs great with agility training, for working dogs or sporting dogs
  • Needed products for Dog rehab

Dogs are often times over worked on the weekends and are more susceptible to injuries from having a weak core, being overweight and overworked. It is very important that these dogs have a conditioning program to prevent injuries. 

Best Products for Beginner Balance (and for Puppies and Seniors) is the K9FITbones (original or Giant), Balance Pad, Balance Discs and Ramp.

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