Keep your dog fit while bonding with them!

GoPet & PetRun Collection

Exercise at any time with a dog treadmill or dog powered treadwheel. (Can be used for cats also!) 

GoPet and PetRun Treadmill or Treadwheels are:

  • An excellent physical outlet for energetic dogs
  • Great way to keep working or sporting dogs conditioned
  • A great source of exercise for overweight dogs
  • Allows your dog to exercise no matter the weather
  • Perfect for owners that do not have the running space that most dogs require
  • Have Adjustable speeds (treadwheel is run by the dog)
  • GoPet & PetRun have Lowest step-on height in the industry
  • Quiet 1 horsepower motor (so they don’t scare the dogs)
  • Dog Treadmills can use remote control for easy operation
  • Treadwheel is Dog-powered- so no electricity needed and your dog can run at its own natural pace
  • Dog can use the TreadWheel at anytime even when home alone

Dog Treadmill size:  The length of the dog is more important than the the dogs weight.  Make sure the running surface is at least 1/3 longer than the dog; for the dog to achieve full range of motion. 

Warranty Related Returns

GoPet will Accept returns on GoPet and PetRun products under warranty conditions of product damage prior to customer receipt (damaged during shipping) as well as for product faults under normal operating conditions for a period of 1 year from date of receipt.  If the product damage is slight and can be fixed by a replacement part(s) GoPet will send replacement part(s).

See Dog Treadmill Video HERE

Made and manufactured in the USA and designed with your pets in mind.  Shipping in 48 contiguous United States only.